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On eleven August, the protests resumed in Minsk and other main cities. The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that it used reside ammunition towards protesters in Brest. One demise was reported, as one man, Gennady Shutov, in critical situation and with severe mind damage as of 14 August, succumbed to his injuries on 19 August in Minsk. In the night, the protests continued in all main cities of Belarus, together with Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Baranavichy, Maladzyechna, Navahrudak, Novopolotsk, Zhodzina.

Belarus: Journalist Alena Scharbinskaya Shares The Horrors Of Belarussian Detention Center

The remaining three members of the Coordination Council were introduced up for questioning. Over a thousand railroad employees wrote a direct tackle to their corporation, asking for an additional elections to be held and Lukashenko ousted from his presidential position.

In Gomel, a 25-yr-old man died on 12 August after ready in a security forces detainee van for many hours in hot climate. He had a coronary heart condition and wasn’t given correct medical attention in time. Also, in Gomel, relatives, and associates of over 500 arrested people were not allowed to visit them. The local police didn’t tell them something about their relatives’ destiny. It was also reported that the policewoman abused an arrested woman there.

He advised the viewers they would have to kill him to get one other election. The joint statement additionally proclaimed that reliable information reveals that Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya won the election. On sixteen August, Lukashenko’s supporters have been bussed into Minsk from various places across the country for a pro-Lukashenko rally, which had a a lot smaller turnout than the opposition demonstrations, which have been the biggest yet. The Belarusian Interior Ministry claimed a turnout of sixty five,000 on the pro-Lukashenko rally. In a rambling speech to supporters, Lukashenko stated he would not step down; claimed that NATO was amassing “navy power on the western borders”; and warned supporters to not mess with Lukashenko or they are going to be beggars and battle to reside.

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On 19 August, the OMON forces dispersed the protesters that had gathered in the morning at the entrance to Minsk Tractor Works; two individuals have been detained. 300 workers at the Minsk Tractor Works reportedly misplaced their jobs for demonstrating. Other staff had been locked within the manufacturing facility to stop them from walking out. Natalya Volvacheva, the headmaster of Polotsk faculty No. 5, additionally resigned in protest, saying, “My colleagues have been damaged down by threats, was criminals, and made hostages of the system”. 17 August noticed Lukashenko booed and shouted at when he gave a speech at a Minsk wheel tractor plant.

A number of MSLU students had been detained after performing a music from the musical “Les Misérables” in the lobby of their instructional institution. The workers of the Museum of History of Mogilev wrote an open appeal to Belarusian govt and legislative authorities, demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko and saying their readiness to go on strike.

On 1 September, in a press release by the UN human rights experts, more than 450 documented cases of torture and sick-treatment of detainees have been talked about, including sexual abuse and rape with rubber batons of women and kids. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated on 21 August that 4 people have died on account of injuries they sustained in the course of the protests. On 19 August 43-year-old Gennady Shutov died in the Minsk military hospital after he had acquired a gunshot to his head in the course of the 11 August protests in Brest; reportedly, the shot was fired by the police. On 4 September, the Oktyabrsky District courtroom held trials towards journalists from Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus, BelaPAN and All six correspondents have been found guilty and sentenced to a few days of imprisonment.

Thousands Of Women March In Belarus To Protest President

The state TV channel ONT printed a news merchandise stating the Belarusian Electronic Warfare Directorate purportedly intercepted a conversation between Warsaw and Berlin. According to the ONT report, the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was closely connected with the continued occasions in Belarus. The alleged objective of the poisoning, based on the ONT report, is to distract President Putin from the events in Belarus and switch his attention to inside problems in Russia.

Directly before the speech, Lukashenko referred to as Russian President Putin for the second time in two days. Some protesters in Minsk expressed solidarity with the anti-government Khabarovsk Krai protests in the Russian Far East. For the first time, authorities-supported tv demonstrated episodes of what’s occurring on the Belarussian streets with none censor.

Ignoring contract termination warnings, a few of them additionally went on strike that day. A similar handle got here out of the Grodno meat-processing manufacturing unit, where over 800 workers signed a letter of protest directed at Lukashenko. 25 August marked the 29th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Belarus from the Soviet Union and the re-adoption of the white-purple check this link right here now-white flag. Olga Kovalkova appeared in courtroom by way of video link on charges of illegally organising a strike and Pavel Latushko introduced himself to the KGB for questioning. Both Kovalkova and Sergei Dylevsky have been sentenced to 10 days imprisonment.

They streamed a farewell ceremony for the murdered throughout a peaceful protest on 10 August. The Associated Press launched a video exhibiting the moment when Alexander Taraikovsky was killed. There were a number of incidents of police expressing assist for and even embracing protesters. In many locations in Minsk, riot police had been noticed moving in ambulances and shooting at individuals, stopping near crowds, which is a violation of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. During widespread protests in Grodno, a 5-year-old was injured, and their father arrested after the car they have been in was rammed by government forces.

A group of lecturers organised a protest outside the headquarters of the training ministry in Minsk in relation to attainable dismissals for lecturers who supported opposition protests or refused to advertise state ideology. In the early night, a rally was held in Independence Square in Minsk, which was addressed by a few of the members of the Supreme Council session that declared Belarus an independent state in 1991. A pro-Lukashenko demonstration, dubbed “Belarus is Lukashenko”, was additionally held in Minsk. During the demonstration, anti-Lukashenko protesters had been described as “Satanists” and informed to “go to Hell”, some individuals mocked journalists overlaying the event and waved Russian flags. An employee of the Belarusian embassy in India was fired after declaring his assist for the protests.

On 2 September, the journalists detained the day past have been tried and fined in accordance with the executive code of Belarus. That choice was met with crowds in solidarity with the journalists outdoors the State courthouse.