Condom Effectiveness


Optical Testing Of Condoms

In this stage, condoms go through a packaging line the place a machine squirtslubricant onto each one. This is the last time we see that condom before it’s sealed right into a wrapper. We talk later about one other kind of random testing that every batch of condoms has to pass. The digital current testing is a dependable test that ensures that each one condoms that enter the wrapping stage are high quality.


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The dipping is repeated twice to ensure the thickness is enough to create a lightweight yet durable movie of latex. The temperature of the latex within the dip tank is often around 15°C. Latex tapping is the process of extracting the milky latex from a rubber tree.

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  • This ensures that not solely are BSI testing for manufacturing unit perfection, but the examined condom can last its stipulated shelf life.
  • This is finished to copy aging and storage of a condom as soon as it leaves the factory.
  • Whether that’s sitting on a shelf in a shop for a time period, in variable temperatures, or carried round in a pockets or purse.

Currently, the one exception is Durex Avanti Bare polyisoprene condom which has a 3 year shelf life. As an instance, an expiration date of indicated that the condom was manufactured in May 2013 and was most likely on retail shelves after August 2013. There has been no research into the performance affair alert of condoms when they’re utilized in or underwater. The threat of slippage, for example, may improve when utilized in such circumstances. Durex flavoured condoms are meant primarily for vaginal intercourse.

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A entire batch of condoms is washed and dried with a solution that leaves a layer of powder on the latex floor. Now it’s time to take away the condoms from the molds with high-strain water.


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After the latex compounding, it’s time for the visible condom making to begin. The manufacturing line has spinning glass molds that run by way of the dipping tank to provide a skinny layer of latex.